About: Jason Cholewa

A proponent of outdoor education, athletic training, and proper nutritional habits, Jason Cholewa operated the BR Physical Performance consulting company from Windsor, Connecticut, for four years before accepting a position with the University of Kentucky. At BR Physical Performance, Cholewa worked with individuals to define strategic fitness plans that focused on evidence-based nutritional techniques and exercise programs. Part of his responsibility in this role was working with clients to improve their health levels and implementing virtual technology to instruct and track progress.

Jason Cholewa now serves as a lecturer at the University of Kentucky, teaching students on the subjects of conditioning principles, the relationship between strength and conditioning, and sports nutrition. He recently graduated from Springfield College with a Ph.D. in Kinesiology and decided to take advantage of the opportunity presented to him by University of Kentucky administrators. Cholewa also earned a Master’s in Exercise Physiology at Springfield College and taught there during his time as a graduate student. His role as an adjunct professor included the development of curricula on human biology and hiking. His thesis at Springfield was titled “Effects of Induced Metabolic Alkalosis on Shuttle Run Performance,” and his dissertation focused on the effects of betaine on men who completed strength-training programs.

Cholewa attended the University of Rhode Island for his undergraduate education. During these four years, Jason Cholewa focused on marketing and advertising. He was granted a Bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies in 2004. Some of Jason Cholewa’s personal hobbies include riding mountain bikes, studying anthropology, fishing, and power lifting.


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